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2016 Outstanding Website Award
publish date : 2016-12-15

According to the 2016 website service evaluation report of the Ministry of Interior, our school was evaluated as the superior website service unit, which was the fourth time our school was awarded of this prize. The award ceremony took place on 30th November, 2016 and the chief of the electronic center, Professor Guan-yuan Wu, represented the school to receive the award.

    Comments to our school’s website:
  1. The overall style of the site goes with the spirit of the agency.
  2. The page possesses numerous, no obviously expired information.
  3. Website’s layout is reasonable and easy to use.
  4. Information disclosure is complete and easy to find.
  5. The website click, download, and multimedia use are smooth.
  6. Webpage is complete, clear and convenient.
  7. Webpage design has five tabbed navigation mode, simple structure.
  8. Overall performance meets the evaluation criteria of requirement.
  9. Webpage has frequent updates and fast news updates.
  10. Web browsing is simple, good to get started.
  11. Provide videos and photos to increase the content’s richness.
  12. Demassified navigation is great; clearly reflect the needs of different users of information.

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