2018 CPU Winter Study Tour

publish date : 2018-04-30
In order to constantly deepen international police communication and broaden students' international perspectives, assistant professor Jhih-hong Shih of the Criminal Investigation Department and assistant professor Shih-chang Lin of the Maritime Police Department from Central Police University led forty students to visit the University of Houston Downtown (UHD), U.S. from January eleventh to thirty-first in 2018. In addition to learn US policing in the criminal justice training center of UHD, students had more communication and interaction with American students at the same time. The CPU study tour also visited Houston Police School, Police Department, Fire Department and The Court to recognize the abilities and thoughts that a law enforcement officer should have in different social environments.
UHD specifically designed policing practical course for CPU study tour for the first time this year. Trained with American students by UHD's Criminal Justice Training Center, that is the American Police School, these courses are completely in line with the American police academy including crime scene investigation, firearms forthputting, driving security, crisis management and understanding of multiculturalism. Moreover, Houston police generously displayed different types of firearms shooting from pistol and Taser to submachine gun and even antique spear, which worth tens of thousands dollars.
During this tour, students were not merely impressed by the technical observation and practice but also the perseverant spirit of S.W.A.T drill as well. Houston Police Department Lieutenant Bradley Morefield said, “I hope the visit can be of special significance to CPU's student and let them understand more about both American police's practicing mind and our training content. They can bring these back to their country.’
The schedule of the CPU study tour to affiliated school got a lot of attention from the local media. Aside from the New Tang Dynasty Television and World Journal that reported the CPU visit schedule, South American channel also interviewed two leaders of this tour. Their articles indicated that our purposes not only deepen the thought exchange of law enforcement, but also hope to build a different thinking model for Taiwan Police System through such visit. With the exchange of thoughtand culture sharing, we can make both of our societies and countries better.
President Tiao, Chien-sheng said that CPU is the cradle for training the law enforcement cadre. To enable law enforcement officials to continuously improve legal concepts, moral and skills, CPU will keep recommending more outstanding students to join the study tour so as to gain the latest knowledge of policing, widen their international prospect and build up a global vision.
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