This center has one chief supervised by President, Vice-President and Secretary-General. The chief is responsible for extending information work around the university. Three working teams belong to the center, including six employees.

  • The System Supporting Team: taking charge of software and hardware package of the university, program, purchase and managing networks on the campus and managing computer teaching, research and educational training.

  • The Application and Development Team: taking charge of the development and maintenance of Internet applications, investigation of computer plans, as well as the dissemination and application of information education.

  • The Integrated Service Team: taking charge of facilities, expenses, working goals, schedule arrangement, regulations, agreements and financial management of the center.

Main Tasks:

  • Support of teaching practice

  • Score of test papers with computers at entrance examination

  • Promotion of administrative computerization, including automation of educational administration, student affairs, general affairs, accountancy, personnel and library

  • Support and maintenance of software and hardware of teaching units

  • Programming of software and hardware of administrative units

  • Programming and administration of networks on the campus, such as the installation of FDDI

  • Maintenance and technical support of on-line systems such as TANET and Internet